Our History

October 9, 2016

True North Youth Foundation

The Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation formally changes its name to the True North Youth Foundation. The change in name reflects the commitment to youth programming, anchored and supported by True North, its board, employees, and partners.

January 9, 2014

WJTNF Assumes Operations Of Camp Manitou

The Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation entered into a long-term lease and operating agreement, assuming the operations of Camp Manitou, a 28-acre oasis of trees and greenspace, offering a camp experience to Manitoba youth. Since taking on responsibility for Camp Manitou, the foundation has invested in refurbishing/restoring existing facilities and…

February 9, 2012

Project 11 Is Launched

Honouring the life of Rick Rypien, Project 11 is launched. Rypien was a former Manitoba Moose player and contracted Winnipeg Jets player who sadly passed just prior to the inaugural Jets season in Winnipeg. Picking up on Rypien’s desire to help youth dealing with mental health issues, Project 11 was…

September 9, 2011

Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation Is Established

With the return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg, the MMYF transitions to become the Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation. That same season the Lil’ Moose Hockey Program evolves into the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy, which has grown to serve and accommodate 650 student-athletes attending the 30-week program.

September 9, 2007

MMYF Launches The Lil’ Moose Hockey Program

The MMYF launches its first self-programmed activity, beginning humbly with 30 children involved in the Lil’ Moose Hockey Program. The hockey/play-based program was designed to promote school attendance, academic progress, and a sense of community to underserved youth throughout schools in Winnipeg.

August 9, 2004

Official Charity Of The Manitoba Moose Hockey Club

With the opening of the MTS Centre, the MMYF remains the official charity of the Manitoba Moose Hockey Club, and the charity of choice for the MTS Centre. The MMYF continued to fundraise and distribute grants to worthy recipient charities in Manitoba.

October 9, 1996

Manitoba Moose Yearling Foundation Is Founded

The Manitoba Moose Yearling Foundation (MMYF) is founded and created to facilitate community involvement among players, coaches, board members, and Manitoba Moose employees. The MMYF raised funds through a variety of activities, and supported registered charities, with a focus on youth and active living.

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