Community Zone

The True North Youth Foundation (TNYF) and the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club are pleased to present the True North Community Zone (TNCZ) for the 2023-24 season.  Thanks to donations from a blend of board members, organizational leadership, vendors, suppliers, and other supportive members from Manitoba’s business community, 100 tickets are being made available for all 44 pre- and regular-season games – intentionally situated in the “True North” seats in Canada Life Centre.

The intent of the TNCZ is to provide underserved youth or disadvantaged members of the community the opportunity to experience the excitement and community connection by attending a Winnipeg Jets game; and to enhance existing and new partnerships within our community.


Community groups interested in applying for tickets in the Community Zone are invited to review the following guidelines and procedures:

1. Organizations requesting tickets must complete an online application at the link below.

2. Each TNCZ application should be:

• Prepared by one individual (ie. one application from one organization by one individual).
• Outlining if the request is for either for a larger number of tickets at a single game, or a block of tickets for multiple games (assuming participants are only attending one game per season in this program).

3. Organizations requesting tickets must be either:

• A registered charity in the Province of Manitoba (and provide their charitable registration number); and/or
• An organization that provides direct programming for youth, young adults or new Canadians, in the Province of Manitoba.

4. This program is intended to provide opportunity for those who otherwise are not able to attend an NHL hockey game. Accordingly:

• Tickets provided should not be used for fundraising events (including auctions and raffles). [Aside: If you would like to request a donation item for a fundraising event instead, please go to]
• Tickets received through this program may not be resold. If tickets are resold, then the associated organization will be excluded from future consideration.
• All tickets received through this program must be used for participants to attend a game. If tickets go unused, your organization will be put on probation. If this happens multiple times your organization/group may be permanently removed from the program.
• The TNCZ will be able to accommodate some special requests to include participation from youth/young adults with physical disabilities (where possible).

5. All tickets are electronic/digital. Physical tickets cannot be provided. Participants (or their leaders/organizers) must have access to a smartphone with internet access to use tickets. Please take this into consideration before applying for your organization.

6. To ensure safety pre- during- and post-game – the ratio between minors (children and youth aged 17 years old and younger) and adults (over 18) supervision should be between 3:1 and 8:1.

7. Individuals receiving tickets must abide by the Fan Code of Conduct and agree to a waiver of liability, which holds the TNYF, True North and Winnipeg Jets harmless with regard to the actions, accidents which may occur during the participation within the TNCZ program.