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"Providing underserved youth in Manitoba the opportunities they need to fulfill their ultimate potential."


The True North Youth Foundation (TNYF) consists of three core programs, Camp Manitou, Project Eleven, and Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy.

These programs empower underserved youth in our community to achieve their potential through consistent health, wellness, and activity programing that integrates into their school curriculum from kindergarten to grade twelve. The TNYF works closely with its team of motivated board members, True North employees, and our professional hockey teams and venues (hockey for all centre and Camp Manitou) to provide youth a positive, engaging and nurturing environment to grow.

While supporting youth, TNYF collaborates with external partners in business, government, education, and other sectors to reach more youth, more often in our community.


Passion and pride come together for WASAC puck dropper and WJHA student athlete Serene Goodwill

by Krista Sinaisky

A passion for hockey and pride in their Indigenous heritage have always been part of Serene Goodwill’s family roots. Now 16, her pride and passion are coming together as she represents her family and her Anishinaabe, Cree and Dakota heritage as a puck dropper at the Winnipeg Jets WASAC Night this Sunday, Feb. 25. “This is incredibly meaningf... read more ›

The Blair Boys’ chasing hockey dreams with the WJHA

by Payton Robinson

In the fall of 2023, nine-year-old twins Ajani and Amarii Blair, recent newcomers from Jamaica, took their first strides on the ice as they joined True North Youth Foundation’s (TNYF) Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy (WJHA). Ajani quickly fell in love with the sport and the fascination of how fast you could move on the ice and would often call hi... read more ›

Christmas Johnson – Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy

by TNYF Staff

Christmas Johnson regards her time in the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy (WJHA) as being instrumental in her hockey and life journey. Not only did it instill a love of the sport and hone her goalie skills, but the program’s consistent support and mentorship helped her build key skills to excel in both school and life. Watch more about the role the ... read more ›

Project 11: Transforming mental health narratives in remote Himalayan communities

by Payton Robinson

In the remote region of Ladakh, nestled between the towering Karakoram and Himalaya Mountain systems, lies India’s highest, coldest and driest district. Many remote villages, with elevations reaching 12,000 ft (Winnipeg 784 ft), lack electricity, and the semi-nomadic people who are living there rely on livestock – yak, sheep, goats and cattle �... read more ›