Our Team

The True North Youth Foundation works hard to facilitate a positive, healthy, mental and physical well-being for every youth who participates in our programs. Thanks to the dedication, expertise, and passion of the foundation’s staff, hundreds of youth get that opportunity every year.

Dwayne Green

Executive Director

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Julie Chartier

Director, Finance and Development

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Murray Cobb

Director, Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy

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Rick Bochinski

Senior Manager, Youth Development

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Suzi Friesen

Director of Educational Programs, TNYF

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Kerri Waldbauer

Coordinator, Educational Programs, TNYF

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Jeff Hofer

Transportation & Logistics Manager, TNYF

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Jim Proulx

Camp Manitou Operations Manager

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Angeli Booz

Administrative Coordinator, Project 11

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Nicole McAlpine

Social Media Coordinator

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Jen McAlpine

Manager, Academic Performance, WJHA

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Jesse St. Cyr

Facilities and Grounds Assistant, Camp Manitou

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Audrey Hicks

Director, Camp Manitou

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Jaclyn Fraser

WJHA Coordinator of Academic Performance

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Joey Rewucki

WJHA Youth Advisor

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Trevor Hollins

WJHA Youth Advisor

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