Julie Chartier

Director, Finance and Development

In her role as Director of Finance and Support Services, Julie Chartier is responsible for the day to day finances, including budgeting and forecasting. She also oversees the execution of charitable fundraising events such as the Winnipeg Jets Gala Dinner, Mike Keane Charity Classic, Flatlander’s Beer Festival and other game day initiatives. In addition, Julie provides administrative and organizational support in the areas of donor/patron services, as well as program development. She brings over 11 years of experience in the development, marketing, selling, technical delivery and execution of youth and adult recreational programming.

Chartier graduated from the University of Winnipeg with an Honours B.A. with majors in Business Administration, Economics and Justice and Law Enforcement. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Julie pursued graduate studies outside of the province. She earned a Masters of Arts in Economics while attending the University of Victoria as well as a Masters of Education in Sports and Recreation Management from Temple University in Philadelphia.