Project 11 strengthening Flin Flon community

April 14, 2024 9:00 am by Payton Robinson Dynamic Featured Image

Sergeant Steve Brushett, a 17-year veteran RCMP officer in Flin Flon, has become a catalyst for change in the remote community’s approach to mental health.

Drawing from his extensive experience as a youth outreach officer, where he engaged with schools on topics such as substance abuse, internet safety, and crucial life skills, Brushett identified a pressing need for enhanced mental health resources in Flin Flon. This realization led him to discover Project 11 (P11).

“I pitched P11 to our school board, and everyone loved the idea as soon as they heard what it stood for and what it was about,” said Brushett.

P11 is a cross-curricular mental health initiative available at no cost to all Manitoba teachers for Grade K to 12 classrooms. Easily incorporated to existing curriculum, P11 lessons make mental wellness an everyday conversation and give students tools they can use to cope with challenging situations and overwhelming feelings.

“I know P11 was offered to teachers but thought it would be a valuable lesson to be taught by police officers as well.”

Brushett has incorporated P11’s curriculum into his classroom presentations at Flin Flon’s Ecole McIsaac for the past three years and now two other officers in his detachment are also delivering the program.

Brushett has passionately supported the program, sharing information with officers in other detachments in the community and the Indigenous policing section which supports policing infrastructure for the people who live and work in Indigenous communities.

“As a police officer, I deal with managing emotions, stress, and feelings – challenges that children also encounter,” explained Brushett. “This program is instrumental in prioritizing mental health, and I can relate to those feelings, sharing my experiences with the kids I teach.”

Thanks to Brushett’s efforts, P11 is now delivered by teachers and officers in ten classrooms across three schools surrounding Flin Flon.

“When I have finished teaching my kids all the lessons for the year they seem more comfortable with who they are,” reflected Brushett. “Grade 5, in particular, is a significant transition period, and they are navigating changes. It’s always amazing to witness the impact of them repeating back things they learned like healthy friendships, relationships and self-esteem.”

As Flin Flon continues to embrace P11, Sergeant Brushett stands at the forefront, promoting the positive impact of community-driven mental health initiatives and cultivating a culture of wellness and resilience both within and beyond the classroom.

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