WJHA grads put program’s lessons to use as Bell MTS Iceplex employees

August 19, 2020 3:39 pm by TNYF Staff Dynamic Featured Image

The Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy (WJHA) is about giving kids opportunities, and sometimes those opportunities come close to home. Eric Rhoden and Cameron Neubuhr are just two WJHA grads who have found a home working at the Bell MTS Iceplex – the facility in which they grew up skating on as part of the WJHA.

Both Rhoden and Neubuhr graduated from the WJHA program in 2019 and have started working on the Building Operations team at the Iceplex, with Rhoden working in ice maintenance as a Zamboni operator and Neubuhr working in general maintenance and covering everything from helping with ice maintenance to cleaning dressing rooms.

For the WJHA, seeing students like Rhoden and Neubuhr move on from the program and find meaningful jobs not only shows that their lessons of teamwork and working hard are important, but that WJHA students are taking them to heart and applying them to their lives.

“It really is all about giving kids an opportunity, and we don’t just want it to be a short-term opportunity where we have maybe six to ten skates and then we disappear,” said Murray Cobb, Director of the WJHA. “Our program is really geared to be with these kids from elementary school all the way to high school. We’re providing long-lasting opportunities so that the end result is really something special.”