From ice to acing it

May 5, 2020 12:22 pm by sparker Dynamic Featured Image

Janna’s first experience in organized sports came in Grade 6 when she joined the WJHA. Getting on the ice was a big step, not only because she had never played hockey before, but because she was very withdrawn. It took a few years in the program to build connections with her coaches, but over time WJHA staff saw her confidence blossom, and one day she had the courage to seek tutoring support for her failing science grade. At first, just finishing each assignment was a huge accomplishment, but by the end of the semester Janna had not only gained an understanding of the material but became very interested in physics. She brought her grades up to a solid ‘A’, even getting the top physics mark in her class. Janna also improved her grades in other classes and expanded her interests, earning an English award and getting more involved in school activities like the cheer team. Janna opted out of the hockey class in Grade 12, choosing to focus on academics, but stayed connected to the WJHA by continuing in the after-school and tutoring programs. Janna celebrated her Grade 12 graduation last June and was the recipient of the inaugural Winnipeg Jets Alumni & Friends Scholarship, giving her a financial head start in pursuing an education degree and bringing her one step closer to her goal of becoming a physics teacher.

“Janna has become a well-rounded young adult with all of the skills necessary to succeed beyond the WJHA program. The connections made and opportunities provided through the WJHA have given her the confidence to find her passions and pursue her goals.” – Nick Sasaki, former WJHA Academic Performance Coordinator