Project 11 2016/17 Launch

June 2, 2016 5:52 pm by sparker

This coming fall, Project 11 will launch province wide for grades 5 & 6. Educators interested in delivering Project 11 will attend a training session to learn how to incorporate the lessons into their classrooms. After successfully implementing Project 11 in grades 5/6, the program will be expanding in 2016 through a provincial pilot program to include up to 100 teachers in grades 7/8.

Project 11 is an engaging cross-curricular prevention program targeting Manitoba’s English Language Arts and Physical Education/Health Education outcomes. Weekly lessons and daily activities have been designed to help support students and teachers with mental wellness practices. The program’s lessons and videos provide mindful strategies for students to learn positive coping skills and build a greater sense of self-awareness.

Thanks to the Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation and the support of Healthy Child Manitoba, Project 11 is available as a free resource to teachers. Since Project 11 launched in February 2015, just over 2500 students have benefited from mental wellness programming delivered by 102 teachers who have invested in the training.

For more information on Project 11, please visit

Believe in Ryp
In January 2016, TSN filmed a feature called “Believe in Ryp”. Rick Rypien’s grandmother and father flew in to be a part of the feature in January. The “Believe in Ryp” feature was released on January 26, 2016 and has generated over 80 emails from all over North America and one from Switzerland. Some simply wanting to share their personal stories, some asking if they could have access to the program or a presentation, and others wanting to volunteer or help in some form.