Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy; In the Community

March 23, 2016 1:47 pm by Krista Sinaisky

Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy staff always find it exciting and challenging when we have the opportunity to work with a brand new class of students. This past fall we had the privilege of welcoming the grade 4/5 group from Bernie Wolfe School to our program. Many new relationships are formed as WJHA staff get to know the new group of students and interact with them on and off the ice. A special bond has formed between staff members Geordie, Reid and Jordan, and two brothers from Bernie Wolfe, Micah and Isaiah White. The boys really look up to these staff members and were excited to know that all 3 play in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League.

On February 15, Reid and Geordie, who play for the Winnipeg Blues, were in Steinbach to play against Jordan and the Pistons. All 3 players were pleasantly surprised to find out that the entire White family made the trip from Winnipeg to watch them play. The Pistons had a family event after the game and Jordan was able to join the entire family for a picture.

The boys’ mother, Cherilee White, made it very clear in conversations in Steinbach that day that Jordan, Reid and Geordie have had a very positive impact on her sons in the short time that they have been a part of the program.

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