Eric Comrie and Bryan Little visit local classrooms to talk about mental wellness

April 17, 2018 9:39 am by sparker Dynamic Featured Image

Project 11 students score big by having NHL and AHL players visit their classroom. Being able to share the Project 11 lessons and classroom activities with their hockey heroes, helps youth realize the importance of mental wellness beyond the classroom. They learn some of the ways that players deal with different pressures and stressors as well as the importance of talking about issues that may be troubling them.

Winnipeg Jets forward, Bryan Little visited Belmont school to take part in a Project 11 lesson and answer some questions. Bryan shared how he relaxes by spending time with his dogs and reading a lot of books about his favorite musicians. Bryan’s love of music led him to learn how to play the guitar, which now helps him to unwind on his days off.

Manitoba Moose player, Eric Comrie visited Inkster School, where he participated in a Project 11 intermission video about relaxation techniques. Eric feels that it is important to talk about mental wellness and enjoys classroom visits as it gets him thinking about things outside of hockey. Eric answered questions about his hockey career and took part in classroom activities. He says that he draws on the pressures of being a goaltender to help relate to kids. “I share what helps me on the ice to hopefully help them off the ice.”

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