Celebration Days a festive end to the WJHA season

June 25, 2019 5:03 pm by sparker Dynamic Featured Image

The Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy (WJHA) Celebration Days are an annual celebration of the success of the program’s student athletes during the past school year. Held over the last months of the school year, elementary and middle school students take part in a full day of activities including ziplining, rock climbing, fishing and archery at Camp Manitou, while high school students participate in the Amazing Race: Camp Manitou Edition.

Race challenges students to use their physical, mental and collaboration skills to compete in group activities, which this year included Climbing Conundrum at the rock wall, Snap Crackle Pop at the archery jungle, Wheelin’and Dealin’ and Taste Bud at the zipline. Students with a little more competitive spirit had the opportunity to U-Turn their top competitors, forcing them to do extra tasks, just like in the popular reality show.

The day caps off with a class award ceremony that recognizes the dedication and hard work of each student throughout the season. Students are presented with a WJHA medal and those who achieved individual success in other areas of their life, such as academic achievement or securing employment, are also recognized. The event also provides an opportunity for WJHA coaches to send students off with words of encouragement and motivation for the summer and the year ahead.